About Vorhus

Sveinbjörg becomes Vorhus

Vorhus is a design company which works at product development in close cooperation with selected designers as well as selling beautiful products which are high in utility and are manufactured from quality materials.

The company was established at the end of the year 2007 by Sveinbjörg Hallgrímsdóttir and has been selling design products with great success under the design label“Sveinbjörg”. Concurrent with increasing interest from abroad and the interest of designers in the company the decision was made to expand the operation to a House of design and take up the name Vorhus.

Vorhus is named after an old house in Eyrarbakki called Vorhús, which was owned by Sveinbjörg ́s great-grandmother. The house, which is still as stately and beautiful as when it was built, is situated by the sea at Eyrarbakki. The function of a design company is in many ways comparable – a place where people gather and lay the foundation for the future.