Cream buns - Nordic Style - DIY

  • by Vorhus Living
  • 13. March, 2019

Classic Nordic Cream buns

The Nordic Cream Buns day is around the corner and social media is filled with wonderful pictures of delicious cups. The cups are filled with all sorts of flavored cream, puddings and glazes.

One type of cream buns are always very popular. This classic was home made in Grandma's kitchen every year.

Recipe: Grandmother's Nordic Cream Buns

2 eggs

½ dl sugar

½ teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon cardamom drops

100 gr of butter

600 gr of wheat

2 tbsp yeast put in 3 dl water (not hotter than 40 ° c) and let it mix for 2 minutes.

Eggs, sugar and salt mix together in a bowl.

Wheat and warm water with yeast is added to the bowl.

Cardamom drops and melted butter (should not be hotter than 40 ° C) add to bowl and knead until the dough has become even and beautiful.

Let the dough rise for 1-2 hours.

Buns are arranged to be baked in an oven and brushed on top with milk.

Baked in an oven at 180 ° C for approx. 20 min.

Whether you try the new cream from Betty Crocker or stir up a chocolate glace, these buns are also good with cheese and butter.

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